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My desire is that Hear Your Life will give you hope and inspire you on your journey. I believe with every ounce of my being that if you are missing even some of the sounds around you, you may be missing out on the one thing that could change the course of your day or even the course of your life. I truly believe in my professional message: “Hear Better . . . Live Better.”

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06.07.2013 Hearing Loss Resources

Below I hope you will enjoy these free resources from Hear Your Life. Free Downloads For Individuals Experiencing Hearing Loss For Loved Ones of Those with Hearing Loss For Physicians and Health Care Professionals Visit these websites for more information: http://hearelpaso.com/ http://betterhearinginstitute.org/ http://hearinghealthmatters.org/ http://starkeyhearingfoundation.org/ www.makemehear.com Visit Melissa Rodriguez’s YouTube channel for more video content.


05.28.2013 May 31st—Save Your Hearing Day

As a hearing care provider it is my daily task to evaluate hearing and most often break the bad news to the patient in front of me that they have a permanent hearing loss. Occasionally, I run a test and frequency after frequency is heard at a low intensity which signifies good hearing. “Congratulations”, I […]


05.08.2013 The Impact of Hearing Loss in Children

Guest post by John O’Connor. Hearing loss can have a profound impact on language development, communication and social skills of children. The sooner they receive the proper treatment and guidance, the better they can reach their full potential. Parents who suspect hearing loss should talk to their child’s doctor as soon as possible.


04.10.2013 Deaf Student Arrested after Stabbing Classmates

  As I was getting ready for work today, the morning news broke through my thoughts and I was frustrated to hear another story of violence. This one was the story out of Houston, Texas about a young student at Lone Star Community College having gone on a violent rampage stabbing fellow students. My frustration […]


02.22.2013 The Cost of NOT Hearing

In recent months I have had numerous opportunities to speak to complete strangers about hearing loss. With a busy traveling schedule I spend more time than normal in airports and on airplanes. I enjoy this travel time because of the great opportunities to meet new people. When asked about my occupation I have noticed a […]